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Halloween Run in the Park
Saturday, 31 Oct 2020, 9:30am
A HUGE THANK YOU to all the Competitors and Volunteers!
Results are posted here with downloadable Halloween Finisher Certificates.


Run Information

  • The event will be restricted to a max of 100 participants, including volunteers.
  • The event will comply with all AHS Covid 19 rules for a running event.
  • All aspects of the event will be held outdoors.
  • All Runners are encouraged to wear Halloween Attire
  • Prizes will be awarded to the overall top female and male finisher, to the top finisher in each male and female age group (under 19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, over 60), and costume prizes will be awarded .
  • A donation box for the Lethbridge Food Bank will be located next to the sign-in desk for dry food donations.
  • All net proceeds will be donated to the:

Lethbridge Food Bank

Donate here

Run Route -(see route map at Run Site on 31 Oct 2020)

  • The route starts on the lake pathway near Kinsmen Picnic Shelter, then proceeds counter clockwise around lake to the Japanese Garden pathway, then proceeds to the right on pathway past horseshoe area, and then westward on Parkside drive pathway to the Mayor Magrath pathway, and proceeds south on pathway for about 200meters where there is a left turn to pathway next to west parking lot, then takes this pathway southward until it connects again with the Mayor Magrath pathway to South Parkside Dr. , then turns left on South Parkside Drive pathway and proceeds until reaching 34th St. pathway and turns north, proceeds along pathway until reaching the lake pathway at artillery guns, then proceeds west to the two bridges across Henderson Lake, turns right on lake pathway after the bridges, then turns left on pathway to Kiwanis Picnic Shelter, proceeds to intersection of north/south pathway between parking lot and lake where the finish line is located. The route is totally on pathways (no roads are used).

Run Safety and Health Considerations.

  • The race will have a wave start.
  • Runners will be asked to estimate their finish times at registration.
  • There will be six waves of approximately 15 people per wave. Each wave will be formed in the startline control area (runners will be separated by at least 2 meters in the control area) , with the first wave at the south end of the control area. Each wave of 15 runners will be formed and separated by ribbon/rope from the next wave group.
  • The waves will be designated by estimated finish time as follows (for planning purposes until we have actual estimated times from participants): 1st wave – under 20 minutes; 2nd wave 20-23:59 min; 3rd wave – 24 – 27:59 min; 4th wave – 28 – 31:59 min; 5th wave – 32 – 35:59 min; 6th wave – 36 min and over.
  • Wave placements will be assigned by Race Director and runners will be assigned a wave at the sign-in desk upon arrival at run site. Runners must run in the wave assigned.
  • Approximately 10 minutes before the start time, waves will be marshalled to their startline positions (spots on the path that are at least 2 meters apart). Each wave of 15 runners will be separated by a rope or ribbon at the startline, to ensure that only one wave of runners crosses the startline at one time, and so that separation between runners is maintained.
  • Runners must remain on a startline spot at all times until their wave is released.
  • Each wave of 15 runners will be released at 1 minute intervals.
  • All runners will wear a mask before the start time and after they have finished the race. All runners must also maintain a distance of 2 meters between each other during all stages of the event.
  • Volunteers will be located at strategic locations along the route and at Start/Finish areas for safety, Covid 19 control, motivation and directional assistance to runners
  • Spectators are not allowed at the start and finish area.
  • Runners must maintain social distancing during race, after they have gone through the finish line, and until they have departed the event finish line control area..
  • Runners must give way to pedestrian traffic on the pathways.
  • Runners must not spit or hack at anytime.
  • If a runner exhibits any Covid 19 symptoms the morning of the race, they are to stay at home and not attend the race.

Post Race Activities

Packaged food treats will be available for participants at the finish line.
All age categories are based on age as of race day - Oct. 31/2020.


  • Registration will begin Octotober 9th, 2020 at 10:00 am.
  • Entry fees are $26.50 (includes processing fee)
  • All entries are online only.
  • Payment methods are Visa, Mastercard Credit Cards or PayPal. (Sorry no debit or debit/credit cards)
  • Enter Online here.
  • Confirmation search available here
  • Registration CLOSES Friday Oct 30/2020 8pm MDT. OR when FULL. ( Limited to 90)
  • No Refunds - if event is cancelled, all net proceeds at the time of cancellation will be donated to the charities.

Need More Info?

For more info please contact Jim Carter (


PickUp Fit Physio Clinic Parking Lot Friday Sept. 25th 10am - 8pm


Nicholas Sheran Park