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Welcome to St. Paul School
Kids Stay At Home Half Marathon

CONGRATULATIONS to all Half Marathon Finishers!!
Results and Finisher Certificates are Posted Here

With our "Stay at Home" mandate it is important for our mental and physical health to keep moving. So here we go!

This will be a "Virtual" cumulative run of 9 - 2K runs and 1 final 3K run totalling 21KM the distance of a HALF MARATHON.
You run on your own and post your times online.
The run is open to all students, parents and teachers!
There is NO CHARGE
as our only goal is to get everyone active!

When ...

The runs will take place from April 27th to June 5th. You will need to complete 9 - 2K runs and 1- 3K run. These can be done outdoors OR on a treadmill. ALL social distancing practices must be adhered to at all times. The final day to complete the run and post your time is June 5th 8:00pm MDT. You will be provided a login to post your times online once you enter.


  1. For the outdoors it is advisable that your parents help measure you out a 2KM course and the final 3KM course. There are a number of smartphone apps to help plot courses and keep track of your distance and times, Strava and mapmyrun are just a couple free ones out there available for both android and iphone. If you are doing it on a treadmill please make sure it will track your distance and time.

  2. You must keep track of your time for each run, have your parents/care giver time you OR have your parents run/walk with you keeping track. After each run you can login to post you time in minutes: seconds ( 00:00 format ).

  3. We will provide a link and password once you enter to login and post your times.

  4. Interested in seeing your total ? Here is a good tool for you to add up your hours: minutes: seconds. - time calculator.

  5. If you aren't able to post online you can download a Run Log that you will log your time and km’s with. Super easy, pen to paper. You can then email it to me OR take a photo with your phone and text it to 403.331.8514 when you finish and I will post them.

  6. Note the results will be broken out in the following categories in both Female and Male:
    Grade1, Grade2, Grade3, Grade4, Grade5, Grade6, Teachers, Parents Click here to see how many people in each category

  7. Everyone who finishs all the runs once the event finishs will be able to download a Finisher’s Certificate with your "Official" Half Marathon Time .

  8. Let's keep this super fun and safe. ALL social distancing practices must remain in place.

Ok athletes! Lets get rocking this race!



Entry is FREE. Upon entering you will receive email with a login username and password as well as your Time Post Code.


Confirmation List

Registration Queries..

Any registration questions, issues, distance changes or anything else please contact Randy either by email, text or call 403.331.8514


Results ..

Results will be posted online live during the race at and there will be downloadable Finishers Certificates once everyone has finished.

Further information please contact Ms. Kendall by email